"Color is the power that directly influence the soul" 
Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944)   

I will be teaching a four week class on how to pour acrylics on Tuesday afternoons in June at the LaGrange ArtLeague


My name is Stephanie Bieniek and welcome to my website.  Browse through my galleries and enjoy my take on abstract art.  We are looking into ways we can sell my art on this site, but until that's in place, please e-mail me if you'd like to purchase any of my available work by using the  contact button from the about section in the menu above.

Currently, I am a member and instructor of abstract art at the LaGrange Art League.  If you would like information about the League, please click here to go to their site.

Please check back often, as I plan to post new pieces as I complete them, and also click on the new events page from the about menu above for information as to where you may see my artwork in  person.


Thanks for dropping by.




2017-11-05 16.12.09.jpg

Tamale Hut Art Exhibit
November, December, 2017