Art is my way of expressing a great love for color and abstract design. Abstract painting allows me complete freedom to create on my own terms. I don't start with a specific plan on what I am going to create. I just choose what colors to use based upon my knowledge of how each color interacts and blends with other colors.  The color wheel is my go-to tool to utilize for my color decisions.  I basically use fluid acrylics more than other mediums in my artwork.

I pour various colors of fluid acrylic onto a canvas. The colors ebb and flow, merge and collide as I manipulate the canvas which, in turn, constructs a design that is a representation of my personal concept of abstract art.  I feel that there is a lot of emotion emanating from each piece that is a subconscious effort on my part.  Even though I use the same technique for every painting, each piece is unique and cannot be duplicated.

What I love most is observing how people react to my art.  Most seem to be connected to a certain piece right away and will stare at it for the longest time as if transfixed.  As do I, some will see various objects, people or animals in my work. I like people to interpret my art in their own way because, emotionally, everyone sees different things that connect to them.